About Able Refrigeration

Able Refrigeration in Tucson was created to help people take common-sense and practical approaches to energy conservation. Knowing that only one green technology or brand cannot possibly meet everyone’s energy conservation needs, we have diversified our Tucson business to include all types of reliable and energy-efficient products, services and alternative energy systems. These include high-efficiency heating and cooling units, and low-water-use plumbing fixtures and custom wine rooms. Plus, Able Refrigeration has the expertise to design, install and maintain these systems for peak performance in our Desert Environment.
Qualifying parties may change through the years meaning people and ethnics change and losing warranties. As for Able, we have had the same loyal qualifying party for 45 years. Able is not just a building or name that someone has purchased from one person to the next. Able is a company that prides in taking care of customers and an ongoing commitment to our customers.

Air Conditioning, Hot Water System & Refrigeration, Commercial & Residential Contractors in Southern Arizona

Who We Are

Able Refrigeration developed Tucson’s first practical Earth-sheltered housing. Thirty years ago we designed and installed Tucson’s first residential solar heating system. As Southern Arizona’s leaders in the latest green technology, we were the very first installers in the world of Carrier’s innovative chlorine-free cooling system at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson.

Community Involvement

Ever since we started in the renewable energy industry, we decided to be an active part of the Tucson, Southern Arizona and North Mexico’s communities. We have been involved with multiple non-profit organizations because we have a heart to help! Helping others is a significant component of our core values and principles that we operate by.

What Our Client Says