Wine Room Building Services In Tucson, AZ

Wine Room Building Services In Tucson, Sells, Green Valley, Ajo, Amado, Arivaca, Benson, Cincinnati, Oro Valley, Rio Rico, Sahuarita, Salem, Sasabe, Vail, Douglas, Tombstone , AZ and Surrounding Areas.


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If you need repairs or a complete design, build & installation, we can walk you through the process in an easy to understand flow, where we identify your needs and meet your requirements. Some customers dream of a wine room, in an area where there is no immediate access to electricity, or in a storage room, closet, garage, and sometimes even outside the walls of the house. In such cases, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a functional and dependable system. Whatever the type of wine room you are looking for, we can meet your needs within reason.

Wine Room Building Services In Tucson, AZ

We start by identifying your refrigeration load, the electrical and space requirements. This process takes about two days on new installations and you can get started with a simple consultation.

We can provide the design with electrical requirements, refrigeration piping and selecting the right equipment to meet your expectations. If you have a pre-formed insulated box, then we can finish the installation easily.

If your wine is important to you, we suggest that you protect it with semi-annual inspections. This includes inspecting your motors, refrigeration charge, electrical connections and Cleanliness of your coils.

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